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Personal sound journey track – mp3


Personal sound journey session – mp3 Downloadable format

Book your personal sound journey session – sound track in the form of a MP3 file to download – The length of the track will be between 5min and 15 min. Get the benefit of sound therapy, connect to your heart wisdom and activate your inner healer wherever you are. The price include intuitive sound journey energetic exchange, correspondence for the booking, setting up and recording time. We ll make sure that you receive your sound healing track as soon as possible, allow us 10 days from booking.

Give yourself time to relax and connect with your heart and its wisdom.

🙏 you could prepare your space, you could smudge, cleanse or use crystals or simply make yourself comfortable sitting or laying down.

🙏 Start by setting an intention

🙏Gently closing the eyes and connecting to your breath. Taking deep slow inhalations and when you exhale making sound and allow release and Letting go…

🙏Guide the rhythm of your breath to connect with the rhythm of your heart. Visualise yourself somewhere natural place where you feel safe, true, no judgement, no expectations.

🙏If you have any thought coming trough let them and take your awareness back to your breath…connecting the rhythm of your heart with the Rhythm of our drums.

🙏Once you finish, give yourself grounding time, drink and eat something light…You could journal your experience, create a drawing or let it be simply a vibration or a feeling and Enjoy ❤️🙏

Blessings and Love

Fany and Sun Drum team



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