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Meet The Tribe

Meet The Tribe

We are creating A World of Open Hearts through Sound and Vibration.

Deep gratitude for you landing on our page. Welcome to the tribe! We are passionate about creating a world of open hearts through sharing our music, sound meditations, workshops and experiences. Nature is calling you home. Using intuitive inner guidance and wisdom, we use somatic movement, breath work and music to connect with ourselves and the natural world around us. Bringing you into alignment with this organic energy you have access to. We are mothers, lovers and Soul Sisters. Sharing our heart and life with you. IN THE FLOW From the comfort of your own sacred space, give yourself, time to experience our intuitive sound bath which will help you release, relax and reset your body mind and soul. Through gently guided meditation, we would like to take you on an inner journey. Connecting your heart beat with the beat of our drums, African harp (kora), didgeridoo, hang drum, flutes, shruti, singing bowls voices and percussion. Reach your full potential, connect with your essence and inner wisdom trough self loving practices. We Love collaborating with other artist and we ll share those special moments with you.

Love and Dance,
Fany and Liz

About Us


Fany is the Mother Tree of the Tribe. She has Bulgarian roots and heart full of Passion!

Certified educator, holistic therapist, massage, sound and intuitive healer using her medicine, shamanic practices and energy work, space holder and listener. Instruments that she has fallen in Love with: kora, didgeridoo, hang drum, shamanic drums and percussion, shruti box, flutes and voice.


Liz is the butterfly of the Tribe. Dancing like the Free Wind and Loving like the Earth!

She is the founder of Sun Drum certified for forest school leader and educator, has a passion for dance, somatic movement, music, drums and percussion, a sound and energy healer. You could be mesmerised by her beauty and voice in most of our music videos.


Sarah is the rainbow of the tribe. Music runs in her veins!

She is a teacher, editor, composer and talented musician. Her passions are the violin, keyboard, percussion, circus skills, creating music and adventuring with her four free spirited children.

Life is About sharing so you could find us often in Collaboration under the name of Wild Hearts Rose Project

Deep Gratitude for the energy, rhythm and Love that we share.

Some of the beautiful souls we collaborate with:

Deni Durbin
voice and shamanic drum, practice

Sarah Helen
violin, keyboards, percussion

Richard McMullin
drums and percussion, African drums workshops

Ina Vita

Faye Bradbury
shamanic and sound practitioner

Paul Jackson
sitar, guitar, voice aka OmniVibes

Wendy Ruddick
sound healer

Kizzi Karen Dodd
The Freedom Network founder

Ellie Fanyinka
voice, actress

Paul Roberts
music producer, guitar, violin, saxophone, flute

Crops Not Shop family