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Healing Sessions and Workshops

Choose from wide range of transformative Healing Experiences: from acclaimed Sound Bath Massages to empowering Workshops and enchanting Concerts.

We are based on the Isle of Wight where we run our regular workshops, and we travel often.

You can find examples of what we do below, but we can cater to your own unique needs and your budget.

During the summer season, we often bring a bundled experience of massage, sound healing therapy, workshops and stage performances to our appearances. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events to find us at gatherings and festivals.

Healing Sessions and Ceremonies

One To One Session

Massage / Massage and Sound Therapy / Shamanic Healing

We’ve combined traditional massage techniques with sound healing and are constantly receiving overwhelming positive feedback of “unique” and “powerful” healing experience. We use our intuition throughout the session to direct the energy to where it’s most needed.

Read more on the benefits of the treatment on Sound Healing page.

Two To One Session

Massage / Massage and Sound Therapy / Shamanic Healing

All the benefits of massage and sound healing as described in One to One session, but you will receive from two therapists at the same time.

Ceremonies, Celebrations & Community Celebrations

We live our lives through respecting and connecting to nature and her cycles. We help you celebrate initiations or new steps in your live through ceremony and self-honouring. Birthdays (from one to one to group ceremony, honouring and celebrating your life), Placenta planting ceremony, Mum To Be blessing ceremony, Solstice (turning of the wheel celebrations) and more personal and social celebrations.

Watch our Mum To Be ceremony here.

Wild Hearts Rose project

Our medicine on stage

We come together with the most talented musicians and sound healers as Wild Hearts Rose to deliver beautiful heart opening and healing experience to our audience. We can transform your event, retreat or festival into a true spiritual experience.

Our Workshops

We Invite you to a deeper inner journey through sound vibration and frequency. Journey, Dance and Chant with us for self-discovery and heart connection. Let’s celebrate life together ❤️

Visit Sound healing page to delve deeper into the benefits of Sound Therapy.

If you are interested in any of the workshops, please contact us for a quote to book us, or check for our upcoming events.

Sound meditation, sound bath, sound journey

Relax, release, rest and reset while being immersed by sound and vibration. We use the sounds of the kora, didgeridoo, hangdrum, violin, keyboards, dulcima, flutes, drums, percussion, Tibetan bawls, chimes, shruti and voice.

What to expect:

Every offering is different corresponding on the environment, participants and budget. Could be one of us or a collaboration group of something like up to 7 artists and therapists. 

Sound has the capacity to shift neurochemistry and neurobiology in a profound and unprecedented way as a therapeutic tool as well as a technique to unleash human potential.

Listen to some of our sound and voice meditation.

Shamanic journey

Transformative shamanic journey session where you can connect deeper to your inner world, your dreams, peal layers and let go. Often participants feedback that they have entered deep state of trance while being immersed by sound and vibration. We use the sounds of the didgeridoos, shamanic drums, percussion, shruti and voice.

Listen to our Shamanic Journey music.

Medicine Trance Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Dance with The Rhythm

Special Collaboration of percussion and sound . We invite you for a free dance, Let Go embodiment and celebrate Life together trough heart opening connection with The Great Spirit, Mother Earth and the love and wisdom of your heart ❤️

What to expect:

We warmly invite you to join us for freestyle, expressive dance & moving meditation sessions. A session of Trance Dance with No Alcohol, No Drugs. Just Music and Amazing Rhythms!

Medicine Trance Dance is a dance/movement practice/ceremony to explore the exhilarating feeling of moving your body freely and connect deeper to your spirit. The space allow us to connect to our free self expression of emotions and inner space. Connect to the healer within and wrap up your heart with unconditional Love.

Watch our Medicine Trance Dance.

Mindful Chanting, Meditative concert and Kirtan, medicine for your voice and heart

Concert style: Special meditative concert where you can relax, rest and reconnect, open your heart and enjoy new vibrations for your body

Watch example here.

Workshop style: Kirtan session. A transformational experience of devotional singing with songs and chants from around the world.

Watch example here.

What to expect:

We warmly invite you to come and enjoy the sound or join us and reconnect with your voice.

Chanting kirtan is a devotional practice that helps to uplift the mind, open the heart and bring inner peace. It is the fastest, easiest and most joyful way to achieve peace of mind. The mantras are mystical universal sounds that resonate with our chakras and remove negative energies.

Massage Circles

Massage circle

Massage circle for Parent-Child: Workshop style offering. Expend your love and relationship in a fun way through touch