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Creating World of Open Hearts through sound, movement, vocal and art therapy

Sun Drum

Creative Workshops


  • Our aim is to deliver immersive experiences that connect us deeper to our bodies and boost wellbeing, music and playfulness as our mode and nature as our inspiration.
  • Community Workshops for all, focusing on young children/adults, elderly, people with long term health conditions like Dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, MS, people going through challenges in life
  • People can achieve and thrive when we help them discover and unlock their potential and give them the confidence and opportunities to build and create their reality. Underlying that they can love what they do, and embody life as an enjoyable dance full of colour and excitement. Where everything is possible, the only limit is our imagination! Join our world of open hearts and lets celebrate Life together!
Holistic Approach
Mindful Movement
Voca Spiral – connect to your authentic voice
Circus Arts
Mindful Drumming
Mindful Movement at Care Homes
Mindful Movement for Community Groups

Online World of Open Hearts

Get the benefit of sound therapy, connect to your heart wisdom and activate your inner healer wherever you are by downloading our sound meditation music or booking an online session with us.

What We Offer and How To Book Us

  • Holistic Approach Therapy
  • Mindful Movement for seniors
  • Mindful Drumming
  • Mindful music
  • Vocal Spiral
  • Community Projects
  • Circus Arts
  • Art and Music Therapy

Benefits of Sound Healing

After practising sound healing techniques, you can experience increased energy, improved mental clarity, increased creativity, and better relationships. Best of all, sound healing is safe, affordable, and effective.

Sun Drum Dance Online Courses

We Invite you to take part in Move To Your Inner Rhythm courses: Mindful Movement with Fany and Somatic Movement with Liz.

Mindful Movement with Fany

Watch our teaser video:

Somatic Movement with Liz

Watch our teaser video: