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Immerse In Sound Healing With

Sun Drum

Sound healing and Shamanic Medicine has been used for thousands of years by our ancestors and ancient cultures.

At Sun Drum we draw from this knowledge and use our intuitive inner guidance and wisdom to bring you unique healing experience.

Online World of Open Hearts

Get the benefit of sound therapy, connect to your heart wisdom and activate your inner healer wherever you are by downloading our sound meditation music or booking an online session with us.

What We Offer and How To Book Us

Our offer ranges from in person sound massage sessions to workshops at corporate events and festivals. We collaborate with artists and healers to bring you the best experience possible.

Benefits of Sound Healing

After practising sound healing techniques, you can experience increased energy, improved mental clarity, increased creativity, and better relationships. Best of all, sound healing is safe, affordable, and effective.

Sun Drum Dance Online Courses

We Invite you to take part in Move To Your Inner Rhythm courses: Mindful Movement with Fany and Somatic Movement with Liz.

Through years of studying and teaching ancient movement techniques and breathwork, we have meticulously designed and refined our practices.

Both courses follow similar pattern:

  • Pre recorded guided practice videos with clear guidance and easy to follow breath work and mindful movement.
  • Activation videos – shorter videos with step by step guidance that you can incorporate in your daily routine.
  • Freedom videos – guided practice in a beautiful nature setting, incorporating all the elements. Video to inspire with deeper intuitive practice.
  • Audio recordings – with music and guidance to enhance your own practice. Close your eyes and let yourself be free.

Mindful Movement with Fany

Watch our teaser video:

Somatic Movement with Liz

Watch our teaser video: